Jay Wile learned about his love for chemistry when his dedicated parents bought him his first chemistry set. Many stink bombs and a few explosions later, he was hooked! Although he loved chemistry, he also had many other interests. For a while, he thought about becoming a concert pianist, but unfortunately, his fingers were not long enough (no kidding!). As he was finishing up his high school years, he became extremely interested in the theater and began to pursue a career in acting. Partly because he learned the science behind some of the special effects of the plays in which he performed, he eventually went back to his first love: chemistry.

He went to the University of Rochester in upstate New York to study chemistry, and while he was there, he began working on nuclear chemistry experiments. He became so fascinated with nuclear chemistry that he stayed at the University of Rochester and got a Ph.D. in that field. For several years, he did research in the field under the auspices of the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. This research led to several grants and many publications. While doing research, Dr. Wile was also an assistant professor of chemistry.

Dr. Wile's love of science is demonstrated by the many awards he has won for excellence in teaching and research. He has also presented numerous lectures on the topics of Nuclear Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, Homeschooling, and Creation vs. Evolution. He has published 30 articles on these subjects in nationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals, and has 9 books to his credit, most of which belong to the award-winning "Exploring Creation with" series of junior-high and high-school science courses.

Here are some comments from people who have attended one of Dr. Wile's seminars:

"Jay brings wise council together with expert knowledge of the Bible to present a biblical-sound, socio-politically-relevant message which particularly strengthens the Home School cause."

"Dr. Wile is an engaging speaker, using humor and facts to encourage, support, and equip homeschooling parents."

"He is one of the best conference speakers I have encountered, knowledgeable and resourceful."

"Jay Wile has the tremendous ability to captivate and educate an audience, even when he is dealing with issues beyond the scope of most people's educational background. His presentations, whether on education or science, are filled with interest, humor, thought-provoking information, and warm encouragement. I highly recommend him!"

"Dr. Wile is always a pleasure to hear. I appreciate his diligence in the area of science."

"Jay made things seem a little more doable, and he strengthened our convictions about homeschooling."

"It was encouraging in practical ways."

"Most informative, thoroughly persuasive, inspiring and most encouraging. Completely convinced me that homeschooling is by far more superior than public or private school."

"He addressed our concerns and gave more info to help guide our decisions."

"It made me more confident about teaching at home."

"My eyes were opened to the huge advantage of homeschooling"

"The statistics really were amazing - this was a unique experience."

"Very thorough explanation of reasons for homeschooling high school and the negative effects of public and Christian schools. Dr. Wile is a great speaker!"

"He was very encouraging and reminded me why I decided to homeschool."

"Great topic! Great Speaker! Great presentation."

"Excellent info on a current issue with a true and factual presentation."

"Very fun to be 'in class' with Dr. Wile"

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